Link 18 Apr 19 notes For anyone who's curious, these were the rules to tonight's alcohol-optional TRF drinking game»

(about the game)

If anyone’s thinking of playing with these rules on their own, PLEASE switch to water after a little while because otherwise it’s all a bit much. Even when you start with something innocuous like juice. (There are so many newspapers!)

Team Mind was pretty out of it by the time we left Kitty’s flat, but Team Heart got demolished in the fall. So both teams lost. Or won. Either way.

And if you were there tonight but had to leave before you could science-out the level of intoxication you would’ve reached had you actually been drinking alcohol, here are the links we used:

Since we made it through the game with no major disasters, we might just do this again sometime with another episode. In the meantime, the schedule for the rest of this month’s “normal” Sherlockian watchalongs is here.

Link 18 Apr 13 notes Chat is open for The Reichenbach Fall Alcohol 100% Optional Drinking Game & Watchalong»

We’re doing something a little different tonight. Full details & list of what you need to bring here.

We’ll “officially” start gathering for the game at 8:30 pm US Eastern time (convert to your time) and go over the rules, etc., before starting the watchalong.

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30 days of Sherlock: Favorite Minor Female Character (Day 8)

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Significantly tidied up the Giant Chat of Sumatra info page, if you’re interested in that sort of thing.

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Friendly reminder that this is happening in The Giant Chat of Sumatra tonight at 8:30 p.m. US Eastern time (click for your local time).

See this post for more info and the list of what you need to bring.

The chat room will be closed for a while this afternoon, but will reopen about a half hour before the start time.

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insp: x

Link 18 Apr 87 notes Sherlock Tetris. WE'RE DOOMED.»
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Then you could cherish the look of surprise on my face.

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i love how the speedy’s tag line is “breakfast - lunch - pasta” because yes pasta deserves its own meal category

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Mycrofts tiny smug shffle


Mycrofts tiny smug shffle

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30 Days of Sherlock

Day 19 — Favourite Sherlock actor Martin Freeman
John Watson - [smashes his fist against the table] Two years… [Breathing deeply to calm himself; struggling to find the words] Two years. I thought…I thought you were dead. Hm? Now you let me grieve. Hm? How could you do that?

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AU where John’s blog posts read like Stefon’s club reviews.

"This case had everything: a male yoga teacher, candle-lit bubble baths, a damp patch, and no ventilation."


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