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Sherlock: His Last Vow

We’re watching the Sherlock Series 3 finale and chatting about it live this evening at 8:30 pm US Eastern time (click for your local date/time).

The episode is available on Netflix and from Amazon and iTunes in the US. Anyone is welcome to join us, even if you’re just seeing this post randomly out in the tags. See you this evening in The Giant Chat of Sumatra!

Anonymous asked:

Hey I read your post about Mary and I genuinely think the theory is very plausible. But I find one small inconsistency in it: If A.G.RA are the initials for two names, why are dots between the first two letters but not between the third and fourth? it's always written the same, wether on the memory stick or in Magnussen's documents. And I think we all know Mofftiss well enough to see that this is not accidental ;)

[Mary post being referenced]

Yeah, so, the thing about that is… it’s not actually true.

Like, it’s untrue to an extent that it’s why I’ve said on more than one occasion to not to get me started on the punctuation. But now I’ve started, haven’t I? *sigh*


Here’s the flash drive when Mary gave it to John:


Here’s the flash drive when John held it up at Christmas:


Same prop (though possibly they’ve gone over the ink again in the first shot or it’s worn off some in the second shot), same punctuation. It’s


(Or maybe A.G.R.A if you think the little bit of hesitation at the end of the R’s leg is actually a dot that got too close to the letter.)

Now here’s the flash drive in the fire:


Different prop*, or one that they cleaned and rewrote the letters on. It says


with a clear dot after the R.

And then there’s the document in Magnussen’s mind palace:


(I’ve taken this piece from a Russian LiveJournal since they’ve got the clearest screencap I can find. You can confirm here, though, if you lighten the shadow in Photoshop. Or maybe someone with the Blu-Ray can try for something better?)

One more round of weird punctuation here, with


(Though once again the leg of the R may have a little extra mark at the end, in which case you could say it was A.G.R.A.)

And the Russian version


appears to have no punctuation at all. (Though to be fair, I have no idea if that could be explained by Russian punctuation standards.) 

So instead of always being written the same, AGRA is actually written differently on every damn prop. If the punctuation was supposed to be a clue, I consider it more or less botched. Like, what are we even supposed to do with a mess like that? (Note that I only consider it a mess if it was meant to be a clue in a mystery. If it’s just incidental prop inconsistency, it’s no big deal as far as I’m concerned.)

Plus, there’s this:



Sherlock straight-up asked what AGRA was, and Mary said it was her initials.

If it’s not in some way, shape, or form her initials, then the writers are just cheating at their own mystery. They didn’t have to have Sherlock ask and Mary answer, but since they did, that needs to be a fair clue. If it’s simply a lie (with no real way for the audience to determine it’s a lie), then it’s not clever. It’s sad.

I know a lot of people are ready to believe these writers are just throwing any old thing at the screen, but I’m not there yet. I still think they’re mostly on a fair clues / solvable mystery system. If I didn’t, then it wouldn’t matter because I wouldn’t be bothering to try and solve anything.

And there’s your Sherlock Theory Philosophy for the day. As always, YMMV.


* To preemptively answer the next ask: No, I don’t think John switched the flash drive before burning it. I considered the possibility and watched everything he did with his hands between showing the flash drive and throwing it in the fire. I didn’t see him put it back in his pocket or do anything that suggested sleight of hand. Having John switch the drive while not showing the audience a glimmer of a moment when it could have been switched strikes me as too chicken of a move for the people who went out of their way to include a tiny glimpse of Sherlock pocketing a squash ball on his way to the roof in Reichenbach. So I’ll assume it was a prop error unless and until the show says it was actually a cheap trick.



  • This is a little cheesy, yes.. but I thought it would be nice if I made this. 
  • I know I didn’t include -every- ship but there are only 24 spaces to do so and I am only one person. 
  • I don’t personally ship every ship on this bingo, but that’s the point.. I tried to say something nice about every single ship on here. 
  • If you don’t like something I said about a ship, please don’t hate me. I honestly just wanted to do something nice for the fandom and I am nervous to share it. 
  • Just remember YOUR SHIP ROCKS. 
  • It’s okay to not ship things, just be cool about it. 
  • We’re all here to have fun. ♥

Anonymous asked:

My friend is an ultra sherlockian like you and when I showed her your blog she kinda grabbed my phone and started fangirling like crazy and saying how she has to meet you if it's the last thing she ever does.

But Friend of Anon, how do you know we haven’t already met?

Maybe I’m standing behind you RIGHT NOW.

don’t turn around


Number 18 in a series -  For Silver Fox Saturday.
Others in this series: Basil Rathbone (Fox),  Martin Freeman, Jude Law,  Benedict Cumberbatch, Rachel McAdams,  Jonny Lee Miller, Vinette Robinson, Jeremy Brett, David Burke, Andrew Scott, Nigel Bruce (Fox), Robert Downey, Jr., Jon Michael Hall, Two Violets, Mark Gatiss, Basil Rathbone (Universal), Nigel Bruce (Universal)


Number 18 in a series -  For Silver Fox Saturday.

Others in this series: Basil Rathbone (Fox) Martin FreemanJude Law,  Benedict CumberbatchRachel McAdams,  Jonny Lee MillerVinette RobinsonJeremy BrettDavid BurkeAndrew ScottNigel Bruce (Fox)Robert Downey, Jr.Jon Michael HallTwo VioletsMark GatissBasil Rathbone (Universal), Nigel Bruce (Universal)