Who the bloody hell is “theimprobableone” on Sherlock and John’s websites?

The obvious answer would be Moriarty- fanboy, doesn’t say their real name, trying desperately for some attention from Sherlock. Except there’s another account which, in my opinion, fits Moriarty better- “Anonymous.”

The main page of Sherlock’s site says:

This is what I do:

1. I observe everything.

2. From what I observe, I deduce everything.

3. When I’ve eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how mad it might seem, must be the truth.

Number 3 is a variation on one of the most famous Sherlock Holmes quotes:

How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?

…except notice they conveniently rewrote it to leave out the word “improbable.”

So I get the feeling this is very much meant to be a deduction game for us.

In terms of eliminating the impossible— well, it’s an internet handle, so technically it could be anyone, but I’m assuming it isn’t some nonsense solution or why bother setting up a puzzle?

I think the “earliest” message from theimprobable one was on Sherlock’s forum offering up a spare room before SH moved into 221B.

That means this person knew/knew of Sherlock before the start of the series. I think this rules out Watson, Irene, and most random people who have turned up in Sherlock’s life during the course of the show unless we believe they were stalking him this whole time.

We know Moriarty was stalking him this whole time, but I think it’s true that the Anonymous posts fit Moriarty better. (And I don’t think Anonymous and theimprobable one are both Moriarty, because then it’s needlessly weird when one is sending puzzles and the other is solving them.)

Most of the other people we know Sherlock knew before the start of the series (Stamford, Lestrade, Sally, Molly, Mrs. Hudson, even Mrs. Turner from next door) have posted to either his forum or John’s blog under their real name. I’m not terribly inclined to think any of them have two accounts to mess with Sherlock.

I believe Mycroft is completely missing from the group of friends and family who have posted. He fits in some ways— not surprising that he would offer Sherlock a place to stay or that Sherlock would turn him down. But a lot of the messages seem like they don’t fit his personality. Like would Mycroft be wasting his time solving codes on Sherlock’s website then pouting about the lack of recognition? Or seem to resent John? And of course Mycroft doesn’t even like to send texts if he can help it, so unless he was just killing a lot of time at the dentist…

Since it’s suggested that Sherlock didn’t become properly famous until ASiB, I think it’s not just some random fan of his work. (Again, not impossible… but then why have a puzzle at all?)

For a little while I was letting myself pretend that theimprobableone was Sherlock himself. It’s amusing, and he does like to talk to himself, but I don’t seriously think that’s the answer.

But I don’t know what the answer is. I just keep eliminating possibilities.

…though I guess by Sherlock’s method that still means I’m making progress?

Stuff we know about theimprobableone:

  • Knew or knew of Sherlock before he moved to Baker Street
  • Offered to let Sherlock move in (so probably lives in London)
  • Thinks (s)he’s clever
  • Likes Sherlock Holmes (claims to be an expert on SH and to understand him)
  • Likes solving puzzles
  • Likes Citizen Kane
  • Not a fan of James Bond movies (may be another reason not to suspect it’s Mycroft, if Mycroft was the one who named the mission in ASiB)
  • Not a fan of proper capitalization or other unspecified societal conventions
  • Not a fan of John Watson (thinks he’s stupid and a bad writer)
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