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I was wondering about something that came up in one of your theories, 'When Sherlock is arrested and makes his escape, he subtly notes the “I.O.U.” graffiti in the background outside 221B and points out that all of this is playing into Jim’s plan.' I was wondering if you could show a screenshot or something of that graffiti? I tried searching for it on the episode, but I still couldn't find it.

The Baker Street graffiti I.O.U. is the one people seem to have missed most frequently. I expect it’s because they didn’t focus on it as directly as the apple and the windows. They did show it twice to make up for that, though—during the arrest scene and again when John returned to Baker Street the next morning.

I showed all of the I.O.U.s in this post, but here are some additional screenshots of the Baker Street graffiti for you:

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