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the-north-remembers said: When people say 'posh' in the UK, they're usually referring to anyone middle class or upwards, or anyone who acts a certain way, despite their background. People usually use it now in relation to people's accents/voices. I myself get called posh regularly because I tend not to use slang or regional colloquialisms, and I'm anything but upper class. I think it's entirely likely that it was Kate Middleton they were alluding to, and I doubt there's anyone here who wouldn't refer to her as posh.

(Post being referenced.)

Here’s an article that referred to her as “New Posh.” (At the very end.)

And… I have absolutely nothing else to contribute to this discussion.

I feel like I should stand off to the side and eat a Big Mac while playing cornhole or something.

Cornhole is a game. Not… whatever else you may be imagining.

And I don’t actually play it.

Or eat Big Macs.

But if I did, that seems like it would be the appropriate response to certain situations.

I’m sorry, what were we talking about again?

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