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hello, nice blog! This is not a question, just a note on your post in which you say "The original character of Sherlock Holmes had a history of drug use. They haven’t directly stated it, but it’s been strongly implied that this version of Sherlock has a history of drug use as well." In fact, they have. It's on s1 DVD ASiP commentary. As far as I can remember they discussed it a bit as not being really an important issue and that people are really too much obsessed on it. --->

—> They thought that in xix century using certain substances would have sound exotic, but it’s not anymore like this nowadays, so they decided to make him having a history of drug use but recovered, because it would only sound stupid for him to be a junkie. Bye :-)

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Ah, the hazards of a long-running conversation with a lot of different people at once.

They did discuss Sherlock’s past drug use in the A Study in Pink DVD commentary as you mention. (Several times, in fact.) Moffat and Gatiss also talked about it in an interview I’d linked to before.

In the post you quoted, though, I was trying to say that they haven’t directly stated that Sherlock has a history of drug use within the episodes as aired. Sorry if that was unclear.

Now if we get into the unaired pilot, they were much more direct:

Just one of many things changed between the two versions of A Study in Pink.

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