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That Sonata No. 1 in G minor sounds unbelievably familiar. I know it’s a long shot asking, but do you know if it was used at some point in the Granada series??

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I have no idea. Can anyone else help the Anon out on this one?

  1. ladygreg answered: It was used at the end of The Final Problem, when Watson discovers Holmes’ note and he goes into narration mode.
  2. patronminette answered: I think I heard it was used for the same scene (i.e. when Moriarty comes to 221b) in the series, though I haven’t seen it myself.
  3. thebookofchar answered: I know Steven Moffatt said something about taking that scene from a previous series, but I don’t know if they used the same music.
  4. oscarewilde answered: In ‘The Red headed league’ Holmes+Watson attend a reciatal wher the famous Bach preludio is played, it’s really similar. Hope this helped :)
  5. justanimprintonthebedsheets answered: I think it was mentioned in the audio commentary that it was used in the Granada series, but idk which episode, sorry
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