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Regarding the Bach sonata in the Granada series, I'm pretty sure that Patrick Gowers (who composed the soundtrack) got inspired by this Sonata for the track "The Death of Sherlock Holmes", because it sounds really alik,e especially in the beginning. Maybe that's why the anon was reminded of it ? (Can be found on youtube at watch?v=_cAJ2t8jTcg&feature=related)

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Asker’s link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_cAJ2t8jTcg&feature=related

Thanks! And thanks to everyone else who’s tried to help out the earlier anon.

As long as we’re discussing the song again—a few people remembered that the Reichenbach scene with Sherlock playing the violin as Jim climbed the stairs was borrowed from an earlier Holmes adaptation and wondered if they used the same sonata.

The scene was borrowed from The Woman in Green (one of the films with Basil Rathbone as Holmes), but they used a different violin piece. You can watch the whole film on YouTube—skip to about 30 minutes in for the violin/staircase sequence.


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