oh god oh god oh god

I just had an awful idea.

We’ve already got Reichencrack Day 2013 scheduled for April 1st, but what if we did something else as well?

What if we all pretended we’d already seen the first episode of Series 3?

That’s too mean, isn’t it? It’s definitely too mean.

But should we do it anyway?


Update: Okay, let’s do this.

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  8. paragrin answered: omigosh omigosh, this is BEAUTIFUL.
  9. caestil answered: FUCK YES
  10. sallyscience answered: This is deliciously evil. I love it. Yes.
  11. greencarnations answered: FUCKING DOING IT
  12. supersnatchal answered: This sounds amazing and I would so be up for doing it
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  16. competewithmymassiveintellect answered: We should do this thing. Work on exposing our inner Moriarty’s.
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    I’m in!
  18. weaseltart answered: Are you freaking Moffat??? (That was an “Oh, God yes”, btw)
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