Sherlockian Friendship Bracelets

All the fun and bonding of running terrified through the woods decoding mysterious messages, without the running terrified through the woods part. (Unless you want to. What you choose to do with your friend is your business.)

You’ll need:

  • seed beads (tiny round glass beads) in at least two colors
  • bugle beads (tiny tubular glass beads) that match one of the seed bead colors
  • beading cord
  • two jewelry clasps of your choice
  • one friend

To make the bracelets:

String the beads using Morse code as your pattern. Use the matching seed beads and bugle beads to represent dots and dashes, respectively. Add space between letters with the alternate color seed beads.

Use a Morse code translator if you want to change the messages.

Once you’ve strung your messages, add extra beads until each bracelet is the desired length.

Finish each bracelet with a clasp.

Present your second friendship bracelet to someone who will get the joke, or is a good enough friend to go along with it anyway.

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