Think about it…

  • Mofftiss wouldn’t want to get rid of a character like Moriarty this early in the show. But if they make Stamford secretly be Moriarty, they’re still using a canon character.
  • Stamford was one of the very first characters introduced in the show and the books. He’s been there the whole time.
  • In the original stories, Moriarty was a professor. In Sherlock, Mike is a professor at St. Bart’s. (And that’s not from the original stories—Mofftiss invented that detail.)
  • Molly said the corpse Sherlock hit with the riding crop at the beginning of the series used to work at St. Bart’s. Was Mike/Moriarty was carrying on with his murderous habits way before we even realized we should be paying attention?
  • Considering Sherlock’s personality, it’s weird that he would’ve just up and told Mike about needing to find a flatmate. Suspicious. Almost like Mike tricked him into talking about it.
  • Maybe Mike/Moriarty set the whole flatmate thing up from start to finish. He’d had his eye on Sherlock since Carl Powers died, and thought he would make a worthy adversary if only he had a heart so it could be destroyed. Mike found out about John being back in town from a mutual acquaintance, and arranged for the pieces to fall into place.
  • The cabbie in Scandal started working for Moriarty once he found out he had an incurable medical condition. How did he even become connected to Moriarty in the first place? MIKE’S A DOCTOR. The cabbie could’ve been a patient or someone he heard about from a colleague at St. Bart’s.
  • Remember the end of Blind Banker? The person on the other end of the video chat was just called “M”—as in Moriarty AND Mike! (Oh, and he wasn’t named “Mike” in the original stories, either. Another detail Mofftiss conveniently added.)
  • If Mike is really Moriarty, that means he hired “Jim” (Rich Brook?) to play the part. What was Jim doing the first time we saw him? Posing as a St. Bart’s employee to get closer to Sherlock—just like Mike is actually doing! (Also, he could’ve helped Jim get the IT job.)
  • On John’s blog, Mike admitted he’s “heard of" Irene Adler. Moriarty and Irene were working together.
  • Speaking of which, Irene faked her death and the corpse managed to pass as her at St. Bart’s because the records were altered. Mike works there and obviously spends time hanging around the morgue if he has an excuse for bumping into Sherlock. He could’ve helped Irene fake her death.
  • In Scandal, John mentioned he was in Dublin the day before.
    image But the same day, Sherlock deduced John had a night out with Stamford.

    So Stamford and John may have been in Dublin together. And Moffat made a big deal about them being the first ones to use the fact that Moriarty is an IRISH name.
  • Speaking of that night out with Stamford—what if Mike was trying to get information about Sherlock out of John? All the more reason to plant a former classmate as Sherlock’s flatmate. Stamford would have a perfectly good excuse to get John away from Sherlock and get him drinking.
  • When it turned out John was better at keeping quiet than Stamford hoped, Stamford sent “Jim” in to get the information he needed from the only other person who had it—Mycroft Holmes. That’s why “Jim” let himself be taken prisoner in Hounds.
  • Then in Reichenbach we had the whole plot line with “Jim” being a character someone had invented. Turns out that was true, it just wasn’t Sherlock who invented him.
  • If Sherlock suspected the truth, that totally explains why he had to keep the whole fake death thing a secret from John. It was way more important that John really believe Sherlock was dead since he didn’t just have to convince a sniper watching him from across the street—he had to convince a close friend.

[Happy #Reichencrack Day!]

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