TELL ME: is Vinette Robinson back in season 3 or not?


I mean I knew there was something that was colliding with her schedule but then was info (and I can’t recall who said it) that she will be back. And now I am confused. No I don’t want to go through that disappointment again. I want Sally


The alleged scheduling conflict was entirely manufactured by fans. Yes, Vinette has other work besides Sherlock, but so does everybody else on Sherlock.

So the good news is YES, Vinette is back for Series 3 of Sherlock.

The even better news is when I went to screencap her agency CV to prove it, her updated info had moved to a different site since last time I checked, and…


Hey, look who’s been various-ed!

I have no interest in starting more rumors so I will be very clear this isn’t guaranteed.

BUT if that listing is accurate it may confirm that Vinette/Sally is not only back for Series 3, but back for multiple episodes.

(If anyone’s tempted to break down and look, I’ll let you know setlock will probably not be much help in confirming the multi-episode thing. Think about how many of her scenes were filmed on indoor sets in previous series, though.)

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