If you can’t clearly see that Mary Morstan is a dangerous, divisive threat to both John and Sherlock, or that Sally Donovan is a peevish harridan and a shill for Moriarty, or that Mrs. Hudson assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria in 1914 and sparked a series of events that would lead to the first World War, or that Irene Adler is an irresponsible cyborg butler with a magnet gambling problem, or that Soo-Lin Yao stole antique lobster traps from Whitney Houston, or that Anthea originally wrote “Blurred Lines” to be played on the theremin, or that Ella Thompson shoves her hands into the bins of dried lentils at Whole Foods, or that Janine steals furniture from dinner parties, or that Mrs. Holmes is an angry Malayan sun bear with twelve honorary doctorates, or that Sarah Sawyer invented centipedes, or that Molly Hooper is a freshwater mermaid with gang-related prison tattoos, then bro, I want to know what peyote you’re smoking, because we are not even watching the same show.




Hey Sherlock fans at DashCon! Come to the threepatchpodcast meetup at 7:00 pm tonight in the Adventure Hall to hang out, eat Sherlock-themed snacks, and get a few other freebies — drinks charms with art by foxestacado, Lestrade coffee sleeves, Sherlollies, and more!

I love this because they literally pasted stickers and cheap printed out paper sleeves and called it “Sherlock themed snacks”

I hear DashCon had a lot of problems (like a lot a lot). But unless OP was actually one of the con organizers—and I don’t see anything to indicate she was—that’s not her fault.

Meanwhile, yes, those snacks are totally Sherlock-themed. Read the labels and look more closely at each snack. Every single one of them is a reference to the show or fanon. And they even went out of their way to include a bunch of characters other than the main two. So I actually do love this. In a non-sarcastic way.

Here’s something that happened in Series 3, though

If we say a recurring character is someone who has appeared in more than one episode of Sherlock and has actually been given dialogue or otherwise individually highlighted, then before Series 3 our recurring female characters were:

  1. Ella Thompson
  2. Molly Hooper
  3. Mrs. Hudson
  4. Sally Donovan
  5. Sarah Sawyer

After Series 3, we add:

  1. Anthea (bumped up to recurring with her second appearance)
  2. Irene Adler (also bumped up)
  3. Mary Morstan
  4. Mrs. Holmes
  5. Janine

So, while this post is 100% about quantity and not quality, we have doubled our number of recurring female characters. (I didn’t count Claudette Bruhl since she only reappeared in old footage, but you could if you wanted to.)