I need a favor from you cracktastic bloggers

If you’ve got a Tumblr account (or can make one), please go ahead and post your Sherlock crack theories on your own blog and tag them with #Reichencrack rather than submitting them directly to me.

I’m NOT complaining about the people who have already sent their crack theories in to me, and I’ll still post what I’ve gotten so far. But my queue is getting pretty full. Since I don’t want to flood everyone’s dash or have to hold your theories until April 2nd, it would be a really big help!

And I promise I’m reading (and loving) all the theories on the #Reichencrack tag, so I’ll still see what you post.

Thanks! <3

What accent would a modern canonical Irene Adler have?

In canon, Irene Adler was from New Jersey. In Sherlock, they made her British. A question about the change in Irene’s background led to a discussion of accents, and whether New Jersey accents are really like the stereotypes would have us believe. Accent samples were requested, and they have now been provided by some very awesome volunteers. And that’s what you missed on Glee Bones Doctor Who Sherlock whatever we’re talking about at this point. I’ve completely lost track. It’s been a complicated evening.

People from New Jersey reading from A Scandal in Bohemia:

chrisweedboygenius: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i5h0SVsnxOU&feature=youtu.be

nympheline: http://nympheline.tumblr.com/post/19759297765/irene-adler-was-a-jersey-girl-so-am-i-i-recorded

almonsterisawesome: http://soundcloud.com/almonster/a-scandal-in-bohemia

This (long overdue) post is for those of you who have been sending me compliments and all nature of niceness over the past few months.


Thank you to the anons who’ve sent me so many very kind messages. I’ve been strangely diligent about posting every single anon complaint about me, but I’ve only posted a few of the anon compliments that didn’t have questions attached. And there’s actually a lot more people saying nice things than complaining. That’s the biggest reason I don’t post most of those messages, in fact. I don’t want to clog up everyone’s dash with that, but since the messages were sent anonymously there’s no way for me to thank you privately. So please know that I read your messages, and they are so sweet, and I do thank you for them.

Thank you also to everyone who’s included compliments with your questions that I did post. I don’t always stop and say thank you every time I post reply to a question because I feel like that would get a bit dull for everyone to read after a while. But you absolutely do have my thanks. (Also know that I’m totally cool with it if you just go ahead and ask your question and don’t say anything about how you like the blog or whatever. There is no special treatment given either way, and I won’t be offended in the least if you get directly to the point.)

Thank you to the people whose non-question compliments I did post, but gave silly responses to. That’s just my nature. I’m sure I will continue to do that in the future as well. I still appreciate that you took the time out of your day to be nice to a stranger on the internet.

Thank you to the people who sent me a nice message through the fanmail system that I didn’t thank you for directly. Tumblr and I have our issues, and for a while the proper use of the fanmail system was one of my problem areas. So thank you, and I’m sorry if you didn’t get a direct response from me due to my button-pushing inadequacies. Hopefully I will do better with fanmail system responses in the future. (Though in case I somehow screw up again: thank you in advance, future fanmailer.)

Thank you to anyone who wasn’t anon and I may have somehow missed thanking via direct message. I don’t know how many of you there might be, but I’m only human so I tend to assume I’ve slipped up on that at some point.

And thank you to everyone who’s been so very kind in what you have to say in your reblogs and tags and so on. It’s kind of overwhelming, but very, very appreciated.

Hopefully that’s covered everyone, and hopefully you all can continue to bear with my compulsion to generally keep this blog on a low-sentiment diet. I figure that if you like the blog, it’s because you like the Sherlockiness. So that’s where I try to keep most of the focus. Just know that even if I don’t always type the words and post them, there is a near-constant stream of thank yous being beamed at you telepathically.

floralhomo asked:

Hey! I love your blog and all the though you put into your theories. You don't jave to reply to this, I just thought I'd tell you that the other day my friend and I managed to rope our biology teacher into a discussion on surviving four storey falls. She told us that it's possible if you land on all fours, which is what Sherlock did. She saud you would shatter all your leg bones and break, if not also shatter, your arm bones, but you COULD survive. Just thought you should know. :)

I do have to reply to this, because I have to publicly say you and your friend are awesome for dragging your biology teacher into this.

I may not think Sherlock was seriously injured when he fell, but that does nothing to decrease the awesomeness I feel you both possess.

Remember when I asked you guys what you thought the black plastic thing on Max Bruhl&#8217;s bedside table was?
In addition to the answers I received to the original post, I also got several comments about it. (Bonus points for taking this to the Geek Squad!)
I&#8217;m about to do another post on our mystery object, so now might be a very good time to review everyone&#8217;s guesses and decide what you think it is.

Remember when I asked you guys what you thought the black plastic thing on Max Bruhl’s bedside table was?

In addition to the answers I received to the original post, I also got several comments about it. (Bonus points for taking this to the Geek Squad!)

I’m about to do another post on our mystery object, so now might be a very good time to review everyone’s guesses and decide what you think it is.

Anonymous asked:

More of a heads-up than an ask - the telephone msg had two bits to it as it was too long for one message, so I'm not sure if tumblr has eaten one half? If it did, basically, the other half was that the Traffic Cone exists! It's not a prop, just one of a pair of parking cones they keep beside the booth thing, that just happened to fall into shot. :) If it hasn't, then pls ignore this post - (Barts anon. Who will probably get round to actually making a tumblr eventually. After exams. Probably)

Oh! Tumblr did eat the other half, so thank you so much for resending. I am thrilled to have this information. (And be sure to tell me when you make your Tumblr, Bart’s Anon!)




Anonymous asked:

Also, as for the phone box, I rang the number (0207-6065183, if for some fannish reason anyone wanted to know), and it sounds like every other payphone, I'm afraid. I'm going to go with the 'ringing' in TRF being John's knocked-downness, and ASiP being SFX, at least to enhance and/or amplify the sound, as what we heard in the ep was a lot louder and more "bell-like" than the actual telephone noise. The actual telephone was a feeble 'brring-brring', while the ASiP's was stylised...? - Barts anon

Thank you once again, Magical Bart’s Anon!

For anyone who hasn’t been following along, this Anon has very kindly been doing on-location research. The above is in reference to a question that came up about whether the ringing sound after the BMX Bandit knocked John over could’ve been coming from the red phone box.

And eliminating a possibility is at least progress! Personally, I think I’m satisfied enough with the idea that the ringing was tinnitus. And then if they want to surprise us with… an ice cream truck or something, so be it.

Anonymous asked:

( Queen Mary/Barts anon again) Ooh, also, as for the Red Telephone Box Theory, it's in the same area, but it looks to me like a bog-standard BT Telephone? One of the pre 1950s design, but the phone inside still has BT's font...damn, If I'd read it before, I'd have rung it... I've not used one of those for years, but if I go find a working, non-pissed in box, call the number, then compare the tone to the one near Barts, that should work, right? ASiP might have been the SFX team, though?

Why are you so amazing, amazing person?

If you are seriously willing to go be John wandering around in a field while the rest of us sit at home in our bedsheets, then I think it would be great if you were able to confirm whether that type of phone sounds like the ringing we heard in the episode. Because it absolutely could’ve been a sound effects issue that made the difference, but I had basically assumed there was no chance I’d ever be able to find out.

Just. So. Very. Amazing.

Thank you.

Anonymous asked:

Hullo! Queen Mary/Barts' anon here. Wandered up to Barts, but turns out that only the Yr 4 and above + the med students have card access to get inside, so unless I can persuade a friendly one to let me in, I'm stuck mooning outside (they don't mix much with us, alas). I did look for your red cone, and it doesn't *seem* to be there...mind you, everything is in total slushy mess because of the Terrifying Weekend of Snow (a few inches and we collapse, pathetically), so it might be taken inside?

Oh, Anon! You’re amazing! Thank you so much for doing that!

It’s okay if we don’t have a conclusive answer… the Legend of the Traffic Cone that Loved Sherlock Fans can just live on for now.