abundantlyqueer asked:

surely the person involved with irene has to be kate? there are only three 'young female people' entitled to be addressed as 'your highness' - beatrice, eugenie, and kate. mycroft says 'delicate and potentially criminal' at a point where he believes there is no blackmail attempt. so where's the crime? adultery with the wife of the monarch or of the monarch's immediate line of sucession to the throne is a criminal offense - unprosecuted, but theoretically actionable.

Every time the question of the “young female person” and her true identity has come up so far, it’s turned into a debate over the definition of “posh.” (People have mince-pie-level feelings about that word.)

I think I’ve given up on having any public opinion about this topic, but most of the previous debate can be found on my #Kate Middleton tag if anyone would like to see some of the earlier pro/con arguments.

The Great Kate Debate

Anonymous asked:

Y’know I find it kinda hard to believe that Kate Middleton was just a normal, middle-class girl. If she married a prince she had to have money or connections or something… Sorry, nothing to do with Reichenbach.

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This isn’t a Reichenbach blog—it’s just a Sherlock blog that has a lot of Reichenbach stuff on it.

We’re still edging up against whether this answer has anything to do with Sherlock, but maybe if I awkwardly craft a terrible crack theory around it?

Theory: Kate Middleton was the young woman in the compromising photographs with Irene Adler. In lieu of cash, Irene was paid in party supplies from her parents’ company (which is worth millions). Irene initially contacted Jim to figure out what to do with all that stuff. Jim excitedly began planning an elaborate surprise party for Sherlock, but the whole thing was ruined when Sherlock decided to go and actually throw himself off of a building. The end.


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Again about the posh thing - I’m the commenter from earlier - I agree with most the-north-remembers says; I believe that a lot of people would consider KM posh, but I don’t believe that *Irene* would think that or refer to her in that way, as a qualifier. Partly because Irene strikes me as more posh than KM, and her tone of voice when she talks about the sweet posh thing suggests someone significantly posher than herself. I would believe that Watson considers KM posh, but that Mycroft does not.

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I really have no idea about the “posh” thing, but I feel that you and the-north-remembers have both made good cases for why Irene would or wouldn’t have used that word to describe Kate Middleton. So I think we’re all in headcanon territory with this one from here on out!

the-north-remembers asked:

When people say 'posh' in the UK, they're usually referring to anyone middle class or upwards, or anyone who acts a certain way, despite their background. People usually use it now in relation to people's accents/voices. I myself get called posh regularly because I tend not to use slang or regional colloquialisms, and I'm anything but upper class. I think it's entirely likely that it was Kate Middleton they were alluding to, and I doubt there's anyone here who wouldn't refer to her as posh.

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Here’s an article that referred to her as “New Posh.” (At the very end.)

And… I have absolutely nothing else to contribute to this discussion.

I feel like I should stand off to the side and eat a Big Mac while playing cornhole or something.

Cornhole is a game. Not… whatever else you may be imagining.

And I don’t actually play it.

Or eat Big Macs.

But if I did, that seems like it would be the appropriate response to certain situations.

I’m sorry, what were we talking about again?

Anonymous asked:

About who the young female appearing in the compromising photographs with Irene Adler is insinuated to be - I think it's unlikely that Irene would refer to Kate Middleton as "that sweet little posh little thing" in that affectionate and unironic voice, since Middleton is famously middle-class, not posh. The Queen has at least granddaughters of appropriate age, though...

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Thanks, Anon! It’s nice to have an alternate answer to the question from someone who actually knows anything about the royal family.

For the rest of us who don’t, here’s a link to a family tree that includes the queen’s grandchildren.

And here’s something that isn’t actually useful information in any way, but Google tossed it at me and I found it amusing. From wiki.answers.com:

Question: Is Kate Middleton posh or normal?

Answer: well she was normal when it was the engagement and now she is posh coz like she is a princess now so of course she is posh

Oh, answer sites. Never change.

Anonymous asked:

This isn't specifically about Reichenbach, but I never could figure out who the young female appearing in the compromising photographs with Irene Adler in Scandal was. I take it that "young" and "female" are rather large giveaways, but I'm decidedly uninformed about the royal family, if that's who they are insinuating. Any ideas?

I assumed it was meant to suggest Kate Middleton.

I don’t know much about the royal family either, but that’s the same guess I’ve seen from British people who would presumably know more about it than I do.