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vaguely surprised to see the lack of the 'i'm not a shipper but i play one on tv' tag on sherlock-lestrade dance post. *shrugs*

(the post)

I come from a strange, faraway land where if you enjoy dancing you can dance with your friends just because it’s fun.

(Not that I am saying anything against Greg/Sherlock shippers in any way. I may not be a shipper, but I’m not anti-ship. You do your thing and enjoy it, Greg/Sherlock shippers!)

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im up-to-date on sherlock so i thought i'd search the tumblr tag and found your blog. i went on your sherlock tag and you have 542 pages tagged sherlock with 10 posts a page. that's 5420 posts of sherlock. are you alright

Should I point out there are actually 15 posts per page, or…?

(Housekeeping Post)

Just realized I went a whole week without making a dent in the theory post to-do list. Oops. But trust me when I say I’ll get back on it as soon as I can, ‘cause it’s certainly more interesting than the reason I’ve been distracted.

Also: the Americans are with us now! Huzzah! That means there will be another [s p o i l e r] policy update soon-ish, so watch for that if you still haven’t seen the new episodes.

An excerpt from the continuously running conversation about storytelling I am having with no one in particular

Don’t get me wrong. The idea that the writers took the Moriarty mystery and divided it over three episodes in Series 1 and then scaled that concept up to have more moving parts and potentially stretch across three series (2 through 4) is very interesting structurally. And it may all work beautifully when it’s done and all of the pieces are finally assembled. But if I don’t talk about that much in the meantime, it is because being stranded in the middle of something that is pretending not to be a three-part story was always going to suck.

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Noone fucking likes you! You're just a bitch who won't let people be happy with the thought that Moriarty may actually be back. Reevaulate your life please, and stop bullying people

I’m sorry you’re having a really crappy day, anon.

Is there someone you trust who you can talk to about whatever’s going on?

Or maybe you can do something nice for yourself, like go for a walk or play a game or take a bubble bath?

I hope you feel better soon.

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Hello. I adore your idea of "be the plant" and I might have to art it. Or fic it. Or something. Hope that's okay with you (I suspect it is, but certainly holler if it is not). Shall tag with "be the plant".

I collected 8 pages worth of traffic cone fanart that came out of a background object from Series 2.

I would like nothing more than for us to get some equally amazing stuff going with this magic plant.

#be the plant, Sherlock fandom. #be the plant.

Me: Oh man, that elephant post is still going around? I can’t believe people started taking it seriously and coming up with theories and stuff. It was just something for fun!

Brain: HA HA HA, YEAH. But did you notice that one theory you haven’t written up yet would connect all three elephants?


Brain: Just saying.

Me: I really, really hate you sometimes.