Sally Donovan is in the middle of her own totally legit story arc, and I’m not even kidding


Even among fans of Sally Donovan (at least as far as I’ve seen), there seems to be general acceptance of the idea that Sherlock's writers aren't interested in her as anything more than a mild antagonist for Sherlock.

And on the one hand, it’s really easy to see why people would believe that.

But… I don’t think it’s true. I think the writers have very definite plans for her.

Not that that necessarily means those plans will turn out to be great ones, because who knows. But I can be hopeful for the time being, can’t I?

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So my little sister likes to play a game where she jumps off the coach and into my arms. I started having her call the game “Sherlock”. She refuses to play it unless I scream, “SHERLOCK!!” At the top of my lungs when she falls. I really can’t tell if I’m the best or worst sister ever.



Watching HLV again and am currently at the Magnussen break-in scene… And its a curious thing but how did sherlock and john suddenly get into the possession of two cups of coffee. Is there a deleted scene where they buy coffee???

John arrives without coffee…


Sherlock has his hands in his pockets…


And suddenly, COFFEE.



I am forced to conclude Sherlock had the coffee cups in his pockets.

This possibility is reinforced when John tosses the cups on the elevator floor soon after, and they sound empty.

Also worth noting: this is the Quavers all over again.


Is this like… a bit Sherlock does now? Pocket food?

[ETA: See also.]