Pretty Much the Whole Kidnapping Thing in One Rather Long Post, Mostly Chronologically, With Pictures

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(At first that was just placeholder text, but now I’ve decided I don’t care and that’s all the introduction you’re getting.)


Right after his acquittal, Jim visited Sherlock and presented the setup for the fall, including framing what was to come as a fairy tale.


Two months passed. Mycroft picked up John as he visited the ATM one morning, and showed him photos of “four top international assassins” who had all recently relocated near 221B.

Those assassins were:

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A list of (some of) my S3 theory posts (so far)

Since I think I’m about to switch topics again for a little while, this seemed like a good time to pause and scrape together a temporary theory post collection. Note that a couple of the topics (Lazarus & Moran) are split across multiple categories.


The Empty Fall (Sherlock lied to Anderson)
Keep in mind that most of the posts in this section were from when Series 3 was still airing. And feel free to mentally replace any phrases such as “if Lazarus is true” with “ha, that thing is the fibbiest fib for sure.




Moriarty + Moran


The Empty Fall + Moran

  • Matryoshka: The cut to Sherlock in Anderson’s apartment right in the middle of the Underground bomb scene was more than an atypical editing choice
  • The Elephant in the Room: If those darn elephants in TEH mean anything, I think this is it


Mission Code Name: Ugly Duckling

  • Part 1Poland, Irene Adler, and Eastern Europe
  • Part 2The GPS tracker
  • Part 3Orwellian apps, the terrorism bill, and Moran
  • Part 4Fairy tales, brothers, and swans


Any/everything else is in my #sherlock theories tag.

I’ll do a proper index page sometime once I’m done with the other half of things. ‘Cause, yeah, there’s still another half. *sigh*



An exclusive behind the scenes pic of Benedict Cumberbatch from the set of #Sherlock - The Empty Hearse. 
There’s still time to catch up on BBC iPlayer:

I’m still jealous! I’d love to try this stunt.

Well, I was going to reblog and say that despite everything this was a really cool photo but then




An exclusive behind the scenes pic of Benedict Cumberbatch from the set of #Sherlock - The Empty Hearse. 

There’s still time to catch up on BBC iPlayer:

I’m still jealous! I’d love to try this stunt.

Well, I was going to reblog and say that despite everything this was a really cool photo but then



Anonymous asked:

#sherlock theories You're right to be disappointed, since 3 or 4 years is far too long for answers ,but there is a big and a few small smoking guns in HLV, that TRF will have to be revisited). And the revisiting will not be awkwardly backwards, but very much in tune with HLV. BUT you have to let go completely of your fall theory. It was wrong in almost every aspect. If you do that, you might get somewhere. You were right about the Waters gang though. And a bit about the Moran motif.

Everyone who is uncomfortable with conflict needs to look away now because I have to talk to the anon and this is the only place I can do it.

[[MORE]]Oh, anon. I believe you were trying to be sweet. And helpful. I do.

But you need to stop sending me these messages, anon. (Or maybe it’s a couple of you this time.)

Because this is my all-time least-favorite kind of message.

So you’ve got a Sherlock theory you’re excited about and you’re pretty sure is true. That’s great! I’m excited for you.

But putting “#sherlock theories" at the start of an anonymous message to a blog that has a policy of not answering most messages is not how you use that tag. How you use that tag is by writing up your theory in a real post and actually tagging it so other people can read the details and decide if they think it makes sense or not. (And you can even stay anonymous if you want—just make a new Tumblr account with no connection to your name.) Just like all the other brave people who are already doing that. Peer review.

Or you can keep your theory just for you to enjoy. That’s okay, too. But if that’s your decision, again: you need to please stop messaging me about it.

And if you’re wondering why I’m being a hard-ass about this when you were just trying to have some fun, stop and take a step back to look at this from my perspective.

Because it seems like you sent your message as a response to this post, but I don’t think you understood that post. That post was me deciding, yes, I am going to try to find the energy to keep going on this ridiculous theory quest a little while longer and keep on laying the workings of my brain out in public even though the odds of that making me look foolish have increased exponentially. And I took that decision seriously enough that I needed a couple days to think it over.

So no, I am not going to be thrilled to get an “I’ve got it all worked out but I’m just going to give vague hints rather than let anyone evaluate my thought process” message straight after that. It goes against the general theorying principles I have always advocated on this blog, and it really specifically goes against the spirit of the decision I just made.

As for the actual content of your message, as long as we’re here…

I don’t know if you were intentionally trying to come across as if you had inside information instead of just a theory, but please don’t do that. It’s not nice to the show’s crew.

And this?

BUT you have to let go completely of your fall theory. It was wrong in almost every aspect.

Well… no. I mean, sure, I’ve always said that the more specific parts of my fall theory could be wrong because I don’t believe in the ability of any of us to micro-predict with great accuracy. But “wrong in almost every aspect”? Sorry, anon, but I am actually going to have to call bullshit on you now. Because if there was one gift TEH gave me, theory-wise, it’s this: that claim doesn’t fly anymore.

It was the exact same careful study of the evidence in TRF that I used to create my fall theory that allowed me to articulate not just that Lazarus felt wrong but precisely why it did. Add up the stuff we know isn’t right because they’ve now parodied it, the stuff we know isn’t right because they subtly undercut its plausibility in Lazarus, and the stuff that they left completely plausible because it’s probably the necessary bit of truth needed to sell the lie (“That’s what you do when you sell a big lie, you wrap it up in the truth to make it more palatable.”) and there just isn’t enough wiggle room left for ”wrong in almost every aspect.”

But if you want to prove your point by laying out the fall theory that explains everything and has solid logic and evidence from the show to back it up, I welcome that. Genuinely. Put the rest of us out of our misery, and I’m sure we’ll all be quite pleased with you.

You know where to do it now. We’ll be watching for your post.

Last one I have time for, I think, so we’ll have to get to the others (like how Lazarus would’ve demolished all plot integrity of the previous episode, and why Jim would kill someone because their very face was incriminating and then send their body to the morgue to be processed) after the new episode.

Look at where they set up the airbag. Compare the close shots to the wide shots.

The Smithfield Ambulance Station is in the middle of a loop. Cars, such as John’s taxi, can only enter the area from down by the end of the ambulance station with the big red doors.

The ambulance parked nearby would only do anything to block John’s view of the airbag once he was already standing on the ground.

There was nothing blocking John’s view of that giant blue airbag when his cab drove by it, and they’d started setting it up before he got there.


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Let’s play “What’s Missing?”

This is probably a little easier if you have a copy of The Empty Hearse to watch, but you can get by with these screenshots if needed.

What’s missing after Jim shoots himself in the Lazarus solution?

See it now? Or rather, don’t see it?

That’s right—Sherlock’s “panic attack” moment has disappeared from the timeline.

After Jim shot himself in Reichenbach, Sherlock’s breathing got really heavy and there was a lot of this:

Shortly after Reichenbach, the general fan interpretation was that Sherlock had a brief moment of panic. My personal interpretation was that it was clever editing that allowed them to pass part of Sherlock’s survival plan off as a moment of panic.

But either way, where did it go in the Lazarus solution?

If it was a genuine moment of panic in Reichenbach, they could’ve left a smidge of it in Lazarus. After all, Sherlock’s narration explains that the one thing he wasn’t expecting was for Jim to kill himself. If there’s any moment in Lazarus where they had a reason for Sherlock to seem surprised, it was then. Instead, we got the camera circling Sherlock and showing him immediately being in a much calmer state than he appeared to be based on the Reichenbach editing. So, what—did he stay calm at first and then panic later for no clear reason and they also just forgot to show us that part this time? Or are we supposed to believe Reichenbach was the lie and this was the truth, even though that breaks… everything?

Alternatively, say my theory was right in the first place. It was never a moment of panic we saw in Reichenbach, it was all part of Sherlock’s clever preparations for the trick. There’s still no reason to edit it out! If it’s part of the answer, just show us and have Sherlock say “and then I hyperventilated to control my breathing.” The Empty Hearse ran shorter than a typical episode, so they had plenty of time for that.

(I know this panic attack thing always gets people ready to argue, so just a reminder: I’m not checking replies or my inbox until I’ve seen the new episode later today. At which point we should already have our answer.)


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One more post about the blood, and then we’ll move on to a different topic.

In the Lazarus solution, Sherlock runs to the end of the ambulance station, where a man is waiting to add a dab of blood to Sherlock’s forehead.

In fact, this is the only thing we are given that approaches an explanation for why Sherlock needed a body double thrown out of the window instead of just plopping down on the sidewalk, aka the single silliest part of the plan.

Sherlock then dashes back over to the sidewalk and has additional blood dumped all over him.


Why go through so much trouble switching places with another body just for a dab of blood?

Heck, even if you think the body swap in Lazarus makes sense (it doesn’t), why have blood added three ways? It’s a huge, huge waste of time and effort when you’re trying to do something that’s complicated enough already. (And you can’t claim they needed the one patch of blood to be just so for continuity when they’ve got Mr. Anti-Gravity Chin Blood going moments later.)


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Blocking out an entire day of my schedule to watch a show I won’t get to see until early evening during a time when I am simultaneously avoiding every interesting area of the internet to avoid [s p o i l e r s] may have been something of a mistake. I’m getting kind of thumb-twiddly over here.

So I guess I’m going to go ahead and do a few more posts cataloging some of the ways the Lazarus solution from The Empty Hearse is too intentionally filled with errors to be believed. I think many (most?) of you are already on board with this idea, but if you don’t want to hear about it you can block my #the empty fall tag as usual.

This is slightly embarrassing but it’s also funny, so I’ll share.

You know how most people’s Sherlockian dreams are like, “And then I met Sherlock and John and we all went out for ice cream”?

Last night I had the Sherlockian equivalent of the test stress dream.

Suddenly I realized that in Reichenbach, there was a shot of Sherlock standing on top of St. Bart’s dropping breadcrumbs off the roof.


So… yeah. That happened.

To be fair, I know that dream had 900% more to do with a stressful real-life situation from yesterday than it did with Sherlock. (Despite what some of you seem to imagine, I don’t like… sit in the dark all day playing the episodes backwards and forwards desperately looking for clues. I only watched s3e2 for the second time last night!)

All the same, tomorrow can not come soon enough.

Anonymous asked:

I don't think Lazarus was the real solution either, but I don't think they'll show the real scenario on screen (there's no point in the show where they could fluidly bring up how he survived the fall, unless Moran really was there and he has some dialogue about it)

Oh, they’re gonna show it.

They shot at least part of the real answer when they filmed Reichenbach.

We have not seen that footage yet.

It’s coming.


Anonymous asked:

Your theories are always extremely outlandish even though you "back" it up with loads of evidence. Very few of your theories have actually ever been correct.



it would be sort of hard for a group of theories

that are entirely based on the truth being revealed in the final episode

to have been correct

before the final episode airs.

I mean

just a minor technicality

and all.


The serious answer is: Dude, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if they’re right or wrong or anything else. It’s fun, and it hurts no one. This is how I dance.




this is why we’re actually supposed to proofread instead of going “it’s been two damn years i’m just hitting publish” though

but where was the miscalculation I DIDN’T SEE A DIFFERENCE AND IT’S KILLING ME NOT KNOWING

There were only 3 clowns and the fourth gang member was just so heavily implied that my brain decided he was physically present. He wasn’t physically there, but he’s still the fourth guy and it all still works and oh my god I’m so glad this is all almost over you don’t even know.