Hey, Sherlockian Watchalong-ers!

I’m going to announce October’s special theme and Wednesday watchalongs schedule tomorrow morning (when it’s actually October).

Meanwhile, just know that the usual Wednesday watchalong is on for tomorrow, October 1, at 8:30 pm US Eastern time (convert to your local date/time) AND the Sherlock Holmes thing(s) we’re watching are on YouTube. So you’ve got nothing to track down, and no excuse not to join us in The Giant Chat of Sumatra. ;)



I refuse to believe that Sherlock’s undercover work before “he came back from the dead” is BBC’s nod to Altamont. I mean, there was no ‘Practical Handbook of Bee Culture’ whatsoever, and there was no Von Bork.

There was kind of Von Bork, or at least I felt like Magnussen’s anti-English speech was meant to be Van-Bork-esque.

But a series in which they named episodes after The Empty House and His Last Bow and we got no mention of Sigerson or Altamont? It just feels wrong.