Anonymous asked:

We are just watching ASiP once more and ... has anyone realised that John`s cane is very nearly an "aluminium crutch"? Don't know what to make of it, but maybe somebody else has got an idea?

I don’t think there’s any connection to be found there.

Aluminum is strong but lightweight, which makes it a common material for things like canes and crutches.

John had a cane in A Study in Pink as part of an elaborate reference to the original stories.

That was completely unrelated to “the singular affair of the aluminum crutch,” which was mentioned in The Musgrave Ritual. The original stories never explained exactly what the The Aluminum Crutch case involved, and  the Sherlock team didn’t know what their version would be until it was time to write it up for John’s blog prior to the airing of Series 2.

deathtothestupidprince asked:

'The Aluminium Crutch' was a reference to the original stories - because it was a case that was never documented by Watson but one that was to referred to (I think) more than once. Just like the 'Vatican Cameos' thing in A Scandal in Belgravia. (Sorry I thought I should say. Actually I am really sorry, you must think I'm really arrogant now but I saw the post and felt it was necessary to comment.)

A number of the posts on John’s blog are based on canon stories and references, so I interpreted the previous question as being about why they were highlighting that one in particular. The queen and Dr. Frankland could just as easily have been given different favorite blog entries, but they both liked “The Aluminum Crutch.”

You’re right about it being a reference to canon, though. I don’t know if if was mentioned more than once in the original stories, but Holmes definitely referred to it in The Musgrave Ritual:

"They are not all successes, Watson," said he. "But there are some pretty little problems among them. Here’s the record of the Tarleton murders, and the case of Vamberry, the wine merchant, and the adventure of the old Russian woman, and the singular affair of the aluminium crutch, as well as a full account of Ricoletti of the club-foot, and his abominable wife.”

Like a lot of the cases that were just mentioned in passing in the Sherlock Holmes original stories, “The Aluminum Crutch” has been turned into a full-length story by later writers. So if anyone wants a different version of the story than the one on John’s blog, you should be able to find it.

admiraljaneway asked:

I couldn't help noticing that throughout Series 2, lots of people mentioned having enjoyed the case of 'The Aluminium Crutch' on John's blog. Maybe I'm seeing patterns where none exist, but it struck me that that case in particular was mentioned in (I believe) every episode. I've read the blog entry, and there seems to be nothing crucial in it. Do you reckon it might have a bearing on anything in the show, or was it just a ploy by the writers to get viewers interested in the site?

We were told “The Aluminum Crutch" was one of the queen’s favorites in Scandal, and Dr. Frankland said he liked it in Hounds. But I don’t think anyone mentioned it in Reichenbach.

I tend to think they just needed one of the blog entries to be a sort of “fan favorite” that people could mention to show the blog was being read, and that’s the one they chose.